Theme Base Class

Theme assemblies have to include a class which inherits from the Theme class and implements a few abstract methods. The Theme base class defines the interface through which the HtmlGenerator class can use the theme.

namespace LiterateCS.Theme
	using System.IO;

	public abstract class Theme

The first property that needs to be implemented returns the list of page templates available in the theme. A theme can have as many templates as it likes, but it must define at least one: the default template. The name of the default template should be "default".

		public abstract string[] AvalailablePageTemplates { get; }

The second property that themes must implement is the path to the asset directory. LiterateCS copies all the assets automatically to the output directory. If you want to customize this behavior, you can override the CopyAssets method below.

		public abstract string AssetDir { get; }

The third method to implement performs the rendering of the page using the template specified. The default template is used, if pageTemplate is null. Page parameters are set by the HtmlGerenator and passed to the render method.

		public abstract string RenderPage (string pageTemplate, PageParams pageParams);

Theme class provides a default implementation for copying the auxiliary files needed by the HTML pages. The default implementation copies all the files under the asseet directory.

		public virtual void CopyAssets (string assetDir, string outputDir)
			DirHelpers.CopySubDirectories (assetDir, outputDir, "*", true);
			foreach (var file in DirHelpers.Dir (assetDir, "*", true))
				File.Copy (file, file.Replace (assetDir, outputDir), true);