Directory Utilities

This class contains utility functions needed by theme assemblies as well as the LiterateCS tool. It is an assorted collection static functions, mostly related to directory manipulation, that do not logically belong to any other class.

namespace LiterateCS.Theme
	using System.IO;
	using System.Linq;

	public static class DirHelpers

The following method copies all subdirectories of a given input directory to a target directory. Note that it only copies the directory structure, not the files inside those directories.

You can specify a glob filter for the input directories. Only directories with names matching the filter will be copied. If you want all the directories copied, give * as the filter.

You can also specify with the recurse parameter whether the whole directory tree is copied, or just the top level directories.

		public static void CopySubDirectories (string inputRoot, string outputRoot, 
			string filter, bool recurse)
			foreach (string subDir in Directory.GetDirectories (inputRoot, filter,
				GetSearchOption (recurse)))
				EnsureExists (subDir.Replace (inputRoot, outputRoot));

The method below is used to make sure that a given directory exists. Most of the file operations fail, if a target directory does not exist.

		public static void EnsureExists (string dir)
			if (!Directory.Exists (dir))
				Directory.CreateDirectory (dir);

The following methods are just shorthands for GetFiles and Copy methods defined in the System.IO namespace. They define a more convenient signature for the wrapped methods.

		public static string[] Dir (string path, string filter, bool recurse) =>
				Directory.GetFiles (path, filter, GetSearchOption (recurse));

		public static void Copy (string file, string targetFolder, bool overwrite)
			File.Copy (file, Path.Combine (targetFolder, Path.GetFileName (file)), overwrite);

		public static SearchOption GetSearchOption (bool recurse) =>
			recurse ?
				SearchOption.AllDirectories :