ExtensionCord - Useful Extensions for Common .NET Types

This assembly contains useful extension methods and helper classes for the basic types in the .NET framework. They have came in handy in many projects I've written. So, I bundled them into a .NET Standard assembly and created a nuget package from that.

The name of the library stems from my woodworking hobby. Usually when I start a woodworking project the first thing I'll grab is the extension cord to power my tools. This library is similar in the way that its methods are used in pretty much all C# code I have written. So, the first thing I'll do is add a reference to it whenever I create a new project.

The extension classes in the library are listed below with links to their documentation. The documentation is generated with the LiterateCS tool, which is another project of mine.


  • ArrayExt class contains methods that help accessing and modifying arrays.
  • BoolExt has few extension methods for booleans.
  • Either a generic class that can contain one of two possible values.
  • EnumerableExt contains a lot of extenion methods for the IEnumerable interface.
  • Fun is a static class that contains methods for generic delegates Func and Action.
  • NumExt extends number types int, float, and double.
  • ObjectExt has few generic extension methods which work with any type.
  • Params is a base class for key-value collections that can be constructed with collection initializers.
  • ReflectionExt extends classes related to reflection.
  • Seq is a minimal implementation of an immutable, singly-linked list.
  • StringExt has some methods that help string manipulation.
  • TupleExt extends tuples with a couple of helper methods.